How to fix dry paint 🎨

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Has your paint dried? and now? ☹️

In this article you will discover and learn how to fix dry paint from your DIY kit and a simple solution to all the different problems that your paint colors can have.

Painting by number has been gaining more and more lovers as it is a way to unwind and relax on a daily basis without needing special skills to do so. All you need to do is match the paint number to the number on the canvas.

But what if you take a break and come back after a while and notice that your paint has dried up or is lumpy?

Well, let's learn how to solve this little problem! 
In our number painting kit you will receive all the colors of acrylic paint needed to start and complete your canvas.

Acrylic paints are famous for their brilliant vibration and abundance of grades and color options. When they are finished, they give the same appearance as watercolor and oil painting are quite affordable, which has made them very popular in recent decades.

However, we usually face some problems with them, one of the most common is that it dries out.

In addition, as they are chemically an emulsion, they tend to separate within their containers. However, this does not necessarily mean that they have broken down and cannot be used again.
How to tell if my acrylic paint is completely bad

In most cases your paint is not unusable, you can easily reuse acrylic paint if it has undergone changes in consistency, such as lumps or dryness. However, if any type of mold is observed, it should no longer be used.

If you have never opened the color container, you should not worry about it, as they will last more than 10 years if they are not opened.

How to repair grainy, dry Paint

Acrylic paint has a tendency to dry very quickly when compared to other paints. When opened, is exposed to a large amount of air, which speeds up the drying process.

The result is usually a thick, irregular acrylic paint that loses the creamy consistency you are used to.
How repairing your paint using hot water 💦

Water is a great ally of acrylic paint, it will be your savior in many situations. This is because acrylic polymers are chemically hydrophilic molecules, a sophisticated term to describe a material that dissolves well in water.

As the acrylic paint is exposed to air, it begins to lose the moisture stored inside, making it uneven and rigid. The best way to fix this is to replace the lost moisture by adding a little water.

However, this should be done in moderation. Water should be added in order to perceive the texture of the paint, if you add too little water it will not be enough to dilute the paint but if you add too much water it will significantly dilute the color. In addition, the ink will detach easily from the screen when it dries again.

To make the dilution correctly, you need to add clean water drop by drop, preferably with a plastic pipette dropper.

An important tip, the water temperature helps to dilute the acrylic paint without affecting the final concentration. In other words, the ink will flow easily without changing the original color.

In addition, hot water also mixes faster than cold water. After each drop of warm water, make sure to mix well with a small toothpick for 2 to 3 minutes.

After performing the steps above, be sure to reseal the container to avoid drying the ink again.
How to repair hard, dry acrylic paint

Hard, dry paint is generally more difficult to handle than grainy, semi-solid acrylic paint. It is the result of leaving you fully exposed for much longer. Ideally, it is best to avoid reaching this stage, as it is difficult to repair.

The fixation of hard dry acrylic is similar to irregular acrylic. The only difference here is that the success of the process is variable.

Start by adding a drop or two of warm water, stirring for a minute, then leave overnight. If that was not enough to fix the paint, you better replace it with a new kit of extra paints.
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