How to become a painter with painting by numbers

How to become a painter with painting by numbers

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If you want to develop and improve your painting skills, but do not have the time or resources to dedicate yourself to formal education, we have great news, painting by numbers will help you.
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See how painting by numbers can teach you a new hobby:
✔️ Relax and paint without pressure 💆‍♂️

If you are still not quite sure of your style in painting, you can take your time to discover, without pressure from a start in a new creative field.
If you are a beginner, you may not yet know what you will tend to, painting by numbers relieves some of that stress and pressure, giving us a predetermined image to work with. That way, we can focus on our technical skills and worry about our individual creative preferences later!

In addition, painting by number sets is not necessary to make any valuable tool purchases, all you need to test your new hobby is in the kit, number painting sets come with paints, brushes, canvases and you can even purchase separately frames to display your art on the wall. Everything you need to complete the first piece!

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Wooden Frame for Paint By Numbers - World Paint by Numbers™ Accessories
✔️ Learn more about color tone and how to create it 🖼️

The shade of the inks refers to the level of lightness or darkness of a color, not what that color is.

In painting by numbers, all paints come in the exact color that should be used, so you do not need to have prior knowledge of how to mix paints to get the right shade, but this will give you a sense of how to use the shades and how they will make a difference in your painting after it is complete.
✔️ Motor skills and painting by numbers ✍️
As the time of our life passes, we lose some fine motor skills. Being able to paint accurately, small details requires a great deal of fine motor control that may not come naturally to those who haven't practiced these skills in a long time.

When we paint a picture freehand, we may not notice the loss of this fine motor skill, when looking at the finished painting we can notice details that are not known so sharply which can be irreversible in your painting after it is ready.

As canvases painted by numbers are divided into these smaller components, it will be more noticeable to us when, for example, we paint outside the lines. This gives us the opportunity to correct the problem before the painting is completed. It also allows us to practice painting these small details over and over again as we go through the complete painting.
Painting by numbers is a guided painting but allows you to take a chance on new techniques and brushes, you can practice your painting with different sizes of brushes and throughout the painting you will notice the result.
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It is more intuitive to reach your finer-tipped brush to complete the smallest details when these spaces are assigned to us. In turn, we are more aware of the fact that a larger brush is more suitable for larger details. 

Over time, you will be familiar with the different types of brushes and will feel more comfortable. We will no longer be looking for that same single brush to complete an entire painting!
✔️ Different styles of painting by numbers 🎨

On our website you can find the most varied possibilities of painting by numbers, from abstract, geometric to highly realistic painting.
Available by the following link:
Geometric Deer - World Paint by Numbers™ Kits DIY
Abstract Owls - World Paint by Numbers™ Kits DIY
Bubble Gum Zebra - World Paint by Numbers™ Kits DIY

Gradually you will identify which style has the most affinity and over time you can risk a totally personal work.
✔️ Increasing your skill 🖌️

At the beginning, you will probably feel more comfortable following the instructions exactly as they are arranged. 

Throughout your experience you may feel that you are ready to deviate from the plan. You can start creating your own tones based on your own intuition. Or add shading and highlights that were not incorporated into the page design.

Over time, you will find that you can deviate from the instructions in many ways that make the painting uniquely yours.
✔️ Waking up the painter with painting by numbers 👩🏽‍🎨

If you always wanted to learn to paint, but never knew where to start. Painting by sets of numbers can be exactly what you are looking for!

If you are unsure where to start, we advise you to take a look at our most popular products to see what everyone is saying!

It's time to wake up the painter inside, let's paint!

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