Growing up with educator parents had an amazing impact on my life. With both mom and dad as teachers, you may be surprised just how much my parents’ profession impacted my upbringing. This status as a teacher’s kid affected more than just my daily life when I was younger; it absolutely molded me into the person I am today.

One of my favourite ways of connecting with my parents through creativity was to do an ongoing collaborative art project, where we work together on one process-based project over a period of time. Making art created a relaxed atmosphere that allowed us to enjoy each others company and perhaps talk a little deeper than we usually did.

Later I discovered that there is growing evidence that enjoying playful and creative activities are good for us. Something amazing happens when you enjoy family art projects with your children or parents.

For this reason, I decided 3 years ago to share some of wonderful creative activities they shared as their favourites for fostering connection. I strong believe that collaborative art projects and games are the perfect way to connect with your family.

Parents are God’s hands in the home and I know one thing for sure: it’s that I owe my empathy, passion, and love of children to my teacher parents and this creativity sessions together.

I am glad you could read until here the story of my life and I invite you to select one Paint by Numbers or Jigsaw Puzzle and start this incredible moments with your family. You can easily incorporate collaborative art into your family time.

Remember it is the process that is most important NOT the end result. It really doesn’t matter how it turns out as long as you have fun together.


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