Curious to know how to paint by numbers? We prepared some tips below!

Create PROFESSIONAL quality paintings in 4 EASY steps

1. Unpack your Adult DIY my paint by numbers kit./
2. Lay out your canvas, paints, brushes and instructions. Fill up a small cup of water and get ready!

adult diy pbn my paint by numbers kit

3. Paint in the numbered area with the corresponding paint.


4. Enjoy, hang, and/or show off your work of Art!

cat paint by numbers



  • The paints are acrylic based and dry easily. Do not leave the paints uncovered for long periods of time.
  • Wrong colors painted? Leave it to dry totally, and use the correct color to cover on top of it. Apply thicker paint to cover black border lines to create better effect.
  • Rinse the brushes thoroughly when changing color. When you stop painting for the day, wash the brushes with clear water to prolong the life span of brushes.
  • You may personalize the painting by adding words or your signature, up to your own creativity!
  • Paints with no numbers indication or grey dot on top are for the grey area printed on the canvas.
  • You may wish to hang it on the wall by simply getting a double-sided sticker as an adhesive. No drill no nail decorating, simple and easy.
  • Buy a Frame.
  • Keep the work area clean.
  • Start from the Top.
  • Start from the Background.
  • Close the paint pot lid after using.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Use water for better flow.
  • Take breaks - Enjoy Art.
  • Use nail polish to clean your brushes.
  • Don't use up all the paint before the painting is completed.
  • Use a wet piece of cloth.
  • Buy a professional set of brushes.
  • Give a realistic look to your painting (Use blurring).
  • Use clear gesso.
  • Take a Photo of Your Canvas before you Start Painting.
  • Use White pencils to to hide numbers/lines.
  • Iron your canvas to get rid of wrinkles.
  • Use flow-improver .

The excellent quality, the variety of pictorial formats and compositions, as well as the possibility to create surreal, fantastic, and unique masterpieces using the paint by numbers kits without having to learn the principles, the wide choice of subjects, make it very popular both among the beginners and the great hobby painters.

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