Did you know? 15 AMAZING facts about horses.

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#1 - New-born horses can walk shortly after birth.
Baby horses can walk and run after just a few hours of being born.
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#2 - There are fewer bones in a horse than in humans.
It’s only one bone less, but in total, there are 205 bones in the skeleton of a horse. 
#3 - The oldest horse lived over twice as long than he was supposed to.
Horses which have been tamed usually live to be around 25 years old.
#4 - Horses can sleep standing up or lying down.
Many people think that when a horse is lying down that means it’s sick.
However, these creatures can sleep either standing up or lying down.
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#5 - Horses have a lookout
A group of horses will not go to sleep at the same time – at least one of them will stay awake to watch out for the others.
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#6 - Horses don’t smile to show happiness.
Horses are often seen in photographs “laughing” or “smiling”, but this movement is actually to help them smell better.
#7 - The fastest horse ran over double the usual speed!
For a regular horse, their top speed is approximately 27 miles per hour, although the fastest horse ever recorded could reach 55 miles per hour!
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#8 - Horses have exceptional vision! 
The eyes of a horse are bigger than those of any other land mammal, and the fact they are located on the side of their heads means they can see almost 360 degrees.
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#9 - Horses can’t see in full-color.
Experts used to believe that horses were completely color-blind, although this has now been disproven. They can, however, see certain colors a lot clearer than others.
#10 - Their teeth take up tons of room.
A horse has huge teeth! The space occupied by the teeth is greater than that occupied by the brain.
#11 - They’re not so different than us people.
Like humans, horses have different facial expressions to express their moods.
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#12 - It's easy to tell if a horse needs a blanket!
If you feel behind the ears of a horse and they appear to be cold, this means that the horse itself is feeling cold.
#13 - Horses have been used in the police force since the 17th Century.
Although they became less popular with the introduction of the automobile in the early 20th Century, hundreds of horses are still used by the police today.
#14 - The oldest horses have been around as long as the Egyptian Pyramids.
The Arab is thought to be the oldest surviving breed of horse. Experts believe they first appeared about 4,500 years ago.
#15 - Horses can remember more than you think…
Studies showed that horses have excellent memories – possibly even better than that of an elephant!
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Source: https://www.thefactsite.com/horse-facts/