4 awesome ideas for your next project of painting by numbers

When we have a hobby sometimes lack of creativity for our next project but we always want to be challenging ourselves and finding new things to do, isn't it?

Having a hobby like painting by numbers is a great ally against the monotony of everyday life but still at certain times we ran out of ideas for new canvases to paint, today we will bring 4 new canvases that have just arrived in our collection and we are sure it will be Incredible this experience!
Victoria Amazonica
The water lily is a giant aquatic plant, native to the Amazon Forest. Its leaves are circular, enormous, reaching 2.5 meters in diameter, and floating, with raised edges of up to 10 cm, which reveal the thorny and reddish underside. This lower face features a network of thick ribs and air compartments responsible for the sheet's floating. The leaf surface also features an intricate network of channels for water drainage, which also aids in its ability to float, even in heavy rain. This canvas portrays all the life contained in this unique plant, with many colors this painting by numbers promises to challenge your inner painter. 
Statue of Liberty
Symbol of freedom, with its 93 meters high and is known worldwide, it was a gift given to the United States by the people of France, after its inauguration, the statue of liberty quickly became an icon of New York City and even of all of the United States, being currently regarded as a national symbol. It is not uncommon to issue coins and postage stamps with the figure of the statue. This canvas has become one of the most loved by our painters in the World of Painting by Numbers, let's face it, it's a great challenge and in the end it will be an incredible piece for decoration.
It is common to feel the calm just watching this painting by numbers, all the composition of colors and the symbol immediately makes us stop and pay attention. A title given in Buddhist philosophy to those who fully awakened to the true nature, Buddha was a prince of a region in the south of present-day Nepal who, having renounced the throne, dedicated himself to the search for the eradication of the causes of human suffering and of all beings, and in this way he found a way to "awakening" or "enlightenment".
Michael Jackson
The "King of Pop" was one of the most important and influential cultural icons of all time and one of the greatest artists in the history of music. Michael Jackson revolutionized the music industry with his song, music video and album, “Thriller.” The music video for this song changed the way the music industry produced and promoted new releases. “Thriller” was one of the most expensive music videos ever produced at the time it was released. This painting is a great way to honor the singer and a particular way to practice painting by numbers.
Those who adhere to painting by numbers will hardly quit, we know how exciting and relaxing this activity is. We wish it was incredible time painting these canvases, so, let's paint?
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