Painting by Numbers: How to choose a painting for my level [Step-by-Step Guide]

What is the best canvas size to paint by numbers? Does it make sense to buy those big 40 inch screens or should you keep the smaller ones?

If you made it this far you may be wondering how to choose the right numbered painting for your project. Sometimes we are in doubt about the complexity of the canvases, so our specialists in painting by numbers have prepared a guide with the paintings by numbers most loved at each level of difficulty.
👨‍🎨  Beginner
For those who are arriving in the world of painting now, we have separated some canvases that we recommend to try when starting to create intimacy with the activity.
Remember that every expert was once a beginner.
Don't be afraid to try, to take a risk, to make a mistake it will make a big difference in your learning.
Our selection for beginners is painting by numbers with low color complexity and well-defined areas, so you will be able to develop and become familiar with the techniques and train motor control.
👨‍🎨. Intermediary
After taking on this new challenge, trying to beginners' canvas you can already consider raising the level of difficulty, for this category we separated paint by numbers with more color complexity and more detailed areas.
These choices will require a little more concentration and fine motor control, it is a great opportunity to empty your mind, temporarily forget about problems and relax.
👨‍🎨. Advanced
After completing some paintings by numbers, we believe that you are looking for something more challenging, right? Here are some canvas that will take you to the next level:
Usually people who arrive here are already madly in love with painting by numbers. That stressful and eventful day will be much more interesting when you remember that there is a piece of art waiting for you at home.
👨‍🎨. Specialist
When overcoming the challenges of painting by numbers, we can consider that you are already an expert! In order not to fall asleep for the painter who lives in you, we always advise you to have a project in progress, so you will continue to develop skills and techniques and who knows in the future this may not become your occupation?
As mentioned earlier, these canvases are a selection to bring the paintings by numbers most beloved , but we invite you to explore our collections to discover all the options we offer.

"Painting is poetry without words."
Let's paint! 🎨