How to get the best of custom Paint by Numbers

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Do you want to customize a painting by numbers but have some doubts? In this post we will clarify the most recurring doubts and we will help you to get the best result from your painting by numbers customized. 


  • How to make a painting by numbers custom?
What do you think of painting a remarkable moment in your life? through the link below you will have access to our page to customize your painting by numbers 
Customized Paint By Numbers™ Kit - Paint your Own Photo!


  • What is the best image size I should upload?
Maybe at that moment a doubt arose and you asked yourself the following question "How will I know if my image/photo is in the ideal quality?" We answered, to guarantee an excellent quality in your painting by numbers we recommend a minimum 1000px height and width image. 
To get your picture’s dimensions on a Mac, find your image in the Finder app, then right-click on it and select Get Info.
On a PC, if you select your image in Windows Explorer, the dimensions will be displayed at the bottom of the window.
It’s a good idea to choose a photo with a background that isn’t too cluttered.
If you want to more clarity we advise to Choose fewer subjects, if you want to paint a family photo, for example, make sure there are fewer than 4 or 5 people so you can easily see their faces.
Keep in mind that once your photo is converted to a paint by numbers pattern, it will have less detail than the original photo.
Pick a high-quality close-up with good lighting for the best results.


  • What is the best size of the canvas to make a custom painting by numbers?
The aspect ratio is the ratio between the image's width and height. Ideally, the image sent should have the same or similar aspect ratio as the screen you selected for your kit.

The larger the size of your canvas, the better and more detailed the result of your painting will be, so if your image has considerable details we recommend that it be the largest size available.

Our experts will always maximize the surface area and workspace of your custom kit so that your image takes up as much space as possible!


  • Can I send images with phrases/words?
We advise that if you want to customize an image with a word or phrase, the chosen size of the painting by numbers is equal to or greater than 50x70cm and the font used is not small or thin.


  • Will my photo be cropped?
If the image sent is proportional to the size of the screen, it is not necessary to make cuts to adjust, if the image is square, for example, it will be cut to be proportional to the size of the screen. Whenever there is a need to crop the image, it will be centered before cropping it. Our customized paintings are offered on our website in the following sizes:

  • How do I choose my item in portrait or landscape mode?
Some of our customers ask us how to choose whether the image is landscape or portrait. It doesn't matter if you choose a 30x40 or 40x30, we will make it a landscape or portrait based on the image sent.


  • How do I upload the image?
Now that you have accessed the link, just select the desired screen size and then click on "Choose Image" to choose the image you want to eternalize in a painting by numbers

Ready to paint your most joyful memory and turn it into a masterpiece?
If you still have any questions you can contact us by email
We at World Paint by Numbers analyze each image with our experts to optimize your image before producing your custom kit.