Do you know which brush is ideal for your painting by numbers?

Do you know which brush is ideal for your painting by numbers?

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DIY number painting kits allow you to explore all your creativity. If you are patient to follow the rules, you will be surprised at what you can create by your own.

Painting by number is not limited to just following the steps indicated, the preparations will influence the result, being able to determine the success of your project.

The brush will be a big factor when executing your painting by numbers, the correct use and choice will guarantee the quality and beauty of your final art.

In this article you will find some tips on how to use the brush correctly and which is the best for your painting by numbers.

1. Right brush for the right area

The DIY number painting kits come with three different brush sizes: small, medium and large. These three brushes will meet the basic needs of your painting by number. The small brush is ideal for crunchy touches, the medium brush gives sharpness to your image, while the large brush is ideal for large areas.

Each brush has its fundamental role at the time of painting, for example, the small brush is not suitable for large pieces, as it will take time and agitation to use it. In addition, the use of the large brush on small parts can easily spill paint on adjacent parts, which can bring an unpleasant result.

2. Don't let your brush dry

While painting, try to keep the brush moist; with moderation. The ideal is to have a small glass of water and some paper towels as you paint from time to time, just dip the brush in the water and dry with the towel. Or use just a damp piece of cloth to remove paint residue from the brush.

3. Keep the brush clean

It is very important to completely clean the brushes when changing the paint color. It is extremely important to do the proper cleaning because the last thing you want is to accidentally mix colors in any part of your image.

The paint usually dries quickly and can easily damage the brush if you forget to clean it. Therefore, when you are finished painting, clean the brushes before storing them.

4. You should feel comfortable with the brushes

When you finish buying a new painting kit on canvas, it takes some time to get used to the new brushes. If you have brushes you're used to, you can use them. However, if this is your first time using brushes, try to feel comfortable with them, and they will be easier to use the more you paint.

5. Brush options

On our website you will find kit brushes that are sold separately, these brushes have their particularities, so you have the freedom to test other brushes until you find the ones that will be most comfortable for your painting by numbers.

See our options here!

Painting by numbers is a creative, fun and in some cases therapeutic hobby. In addition to learning a new skill, it allows you to add beautiful art with the touch of your personality to your space.

However, some care must be taken before starting your painting. It can be easy to follow the numbers, but it can be confusing to manipulate or use the brushes. A simple mistake like using the wrong brush can interfere with your final product.

We hope that with these tips, you will easily learn how to use the brushes and improve your painting skills.

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