Art Feeding World Lives: We donate 1 kg of Food for Every Paint by Numbers sold during May!

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The new coronavirus is a universal threat, but not a universal equalizer. According to NY Post, Brazil emerges as next potential coronavirus hotspot.  (  

While Europe watches countries slowly emerge from lockdown, News reports say something different about Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There, not only the old and sick are especially vulnerable - the poor are too. For them, current directives on how to avoid contamination are detached from the reality of their experience. They often do not have access to clean water and soap, because of decades of sanitary neglect. The unemployment rate is increasing at those favelas and whole families are starving.

We contacted some Brazilian local charity organisations and decided that, during May, our company is organising a Food Donation for Brazil's poor communities that are most suffering during covid-19 pandemy. Every purchase you make, we donate 1kg of Food for poor families from Brazilian favelas.


World Paint by Numbers decided to, not only spread happiness through Paint Kits, but also with Food and Hygiene Products for those who needs it. We count on you to make it bigger and reduce the impacts of coronavirus on our planet.