How long does it take to finish painting by numbers?

How long does it take to finish painting by numbers?

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Have you ever wondered how long you can finish painting by numbers? Today you will find out!

In your painting kit by numbers you will receive what you need to start and complete your piece of art, the paints go in the amount necessary to finish your canvas but if you need more paints for some reason, you can find it here!
Extra Acrylic Paint (Only Paint) - World Paint by Numbers™ Accessories
You may not yet consider yourself a great artist and you are just starting out and you may be concerned about the time it takes to finish major Paint by Numbers projects.

First of all, you don't have to be an amazing artist or professional to discover starting and completing a painting by numbers, these useful kits have all the colors you need, including pre-mixed and combined colors. Therefore, no mixing of mixing skills is required.

For example, you will paint an area that has several shades of blue instead of focusing on the light and dark values, all you need to worry about is covering the canvas and the result will come automatically.
Painting by numbers available on our website by the link:
A night in Germany - World Paint by Numbers™ Kits DIY
And now, the question that remains: How long does it take to finish a Paint by Numbers kit?

Well, it will depend on some factors like:
  • The size of your canvas
  • The time or hours you will be able to dedicate to this activity
  • How detailed your canvas is
The time of completion of your work of art will depend in a unique way, each person will take some time and this is incredible because it makes your painting by numbers even more special.

But, one thing we know for sure after finishing your painting by numbers with water-based paints it will take 10 to 15 minutes to dry by touch. Of course, it depends on the thickness of the paint applied.

Another detail that should not be overlooked is to clean the brush whenever it changes color. Also, clean them after each session. Simply dip them in a container of water.
Final touches of your canvas, the finish is one of the most important parts, in case you don't know, we recommend that you be patient during the curing period, especially as it can take up to two weeks to dry completely.

After completely dry, some Paint by Numbers fans seal their projects as soon as they are finished. Although this step is not exactly necessary, it is a great way to protect your paint from dirt and dust.

On our website all our canvases are frameless but you can find the frame sold separately if you want to hang it in your home as a work of art that will be a treasure for the future.
Wooden Frame for Paint By Numbers - World Paint by Numbers™ Accessories
We highly recommend putting a frame on your screen, in addition, putting your artwork on display will impress friends and family when they enter your home.
One thing is for sure, be it a longer or faster process, you will fall in love with painting by numbers!

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