All beginners should try these painting techniques

All beginners should try these painting techniques

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Paints, canvas and inspiration, but how exactly do you get started? Here we will show you a beginner's guide to acrylic painting techniques that will help you start your artistic journey.
To perform these techniques you will need three basic and essential items: brush, acrylic paint and canvas. These items can be used in a number of ways resulting in a variety of styles.
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#1 - Dry Brush
The paint applied to the canvas using a dry brush and paint undiluted by water, you will have a strong current of color on the page. Your lines will be uneven, as they will not have water to soften the edges, but this can be a purposeful painting effect. The application of dry brush gives texture and movement to the lines.

#2 - Splattering
Using a very damp brush, you can spread or splash paint on the canvas as this will cause an uneven splash effect. It's great to add texture to a piece.

#3 - Washing
In this technique you can use the paint diluted to different degrees to apply translucent paint on your canvas. However, unlike watercolor, acrylic paint hardens permanently. Mixing washing and dry cleaning methods can be very effective in creating a variety of textures in one piece.

#4 - Stippling
This method is often used as a drawing technique, it can also be used with paint. Small dots can create images effectively creating texture and an attractive scene with subtle color variations.

#5 - Dabbing
Dabbing adds a lot of texture and movement to a piece, by using the tip of a sponge or even a piece of towel. This technique perfectly brings texture and movement to your painting.

#6 - Detailing
Using a small, thin brush to apply details, such as the whites of the eyes or the brightness of a bird's wing, this detail technician creates a realistic effect on the painting.

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#7 - Palette Knife
Applying paint with a spatula is a great technique to add an artistic touch to your painting. You may be intimidated or think it is a very advanced technique, but it is an accessible technique even for beginners. Just use the spatula to scrape some paint and apply it to the work surface. Pretend that you are spreading buttercream on bread and soon you will be familiar. 

You must be wondering if these techniques are functional for painting by numbers and we answer: YES! We advise that if you feel free to try any of these styles in your painting by numbers, it is worth exploring your artistic side.

Remember that, when experimenting with different painting techniques, the result of your painting by numbers may be different from what we show on our website, however, it can make your canvas even more peculiar. We at World Paint by Numbers always try to stimulate the creative and artistic side of our painters.

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