What will determine the degree of difficulty of my painting by numbers?

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Which size should I choose? should I start with the smallest size or the largest? will size influence the difficulty of my painting by numbers? Which image should I choose? Find the answers in the text below!

The size of the painting by numbers

Yes, size is one of the factors that will determine the difficulty of painting by numbers.

The best size for a painting by numbers is 16x20"/40x50cm, canvases with this size are ideal for beginners, juniors and senior painters.

16x20"/40x50cm canvas is perfect for all types of artists, you can hang the final piece in your living room, office or game room. It will give the room some character and warmth without drawing too much attention.

In addition, you can finish the entire painting in less than a day. Obviously, the total time depends on the dedication, the time and how detailed it is. But it won't take as much time and effort as the bigger screens.

The image according to the difficulty level

A painting with numbers with less detail and larger areas becomes easier to paint and takes less time to complete.

On our website we have a category dedicated to beginning painters. Check it out here!

Painting completed by our customer Michael Lee Thomas West

A painting by number will have a higher level of complexity when the canvas is super detailed with complex areas and small shapes. Advanced paint kits by numbers may require you to use small brushes and magnifiers to paint.

Although advanced painting by numbers can take longer to complete, it usually reveals detailed and attractive artwork.

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