Painting by Numbers: The healthy alternative in high tech times

Painting by Numbers: The healthy alternative in high tech times

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Have you ever been challenged to break the technology timeout? How about an hour a day without technology? It's easy to fall into the technology trap with devices always within reach.

How long do you surf the internet before sleeping? And upon waking up, picking up the phone before planting your feet is your reality? Most of us today are victims of this technological trap.

When we try to keep time away or set a limit on technology, we realize how much we are really caught up in the technology. Of course, technology makes life easier for everyone, but we must be careful about excessive and dependent use. The key is to make time for other activities that don't involve touch screens.
We invite you to try to get into the habit of spending a few hours a day without using technology and for that we will give you good reasons!
Active daily life

Most people know that one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to be active. The distractions and entertainment just a click away are making people sedentary. Finding ways to move the body is fundamental for our well-being, painting by numbers has been the incentive and inspiration for our artists to feel more motivated. When you start a project you enjoy, you're stimulated and agitated enough to stay active, make your environment comfortable, and strive to do something that makes you feel good.

Seeing the painting taking on color is gratifying, we get more excited and charged which makes it active, stimulated and full of life, thus promoting physical and mental health.
Durable attention spans
With so much information bombarding us all the time, it's normal that we can't focus on one thing for a long time. Painting is a great ally to develop long attention spans

Another noteworthy and absolutely invaluable benefit of painting in numbers is the long attention spans, which have become a rare commodity in today's youth. We are all so busy and constantly running the clock that the fun of making a project that spans days has become an unheard of concept.

Meticulously fill in the colors in the designated spots, pay attention to detail and fully focus on something for at least 30-40 minutes with enthusiasm. When we allow ourselves something productive like painting by numbers, both of our brain hemispheres (right and left) are stimulated. The right feeds on creativity and emotions and the left is carried by all the concentration and mind you are putting into the project.
Problem-Solving Skill
Problems are inevitable and we know it. There will always be something to worry or demotivate us. But if you've been spending your free time doing prolific activities like painting by numbers, then you'll be surprised to see that your attitude towards problems will slowly and gradually change for the good. Painting by numbers teaches you critical thinking on many levels.
Finding Your Inner Artist
Painting by numbers is democratic, it serves beginners, aspirants and even professionals. It's a great starter kit for kids who love to paint and their parents want to encourage them to do so. It's also an incredible opportunity for aspiring artists who need the assurance that they can do this simply by completing a lion kit with numbers and being proud of how they've just completed a very beautiful but intricate painting on their own. Sitting ideally in front of the TV screen, laptops, tabs or mobile phones have literally killed our creative drive and all we want to do is mindlessly scroll down, doing nothing good. 

Paint by numbers kits are also useful for professional artists, as a paint by numbers kit can be a source of inspiration for them, they can learn how different colors go well with each other and how something so simple can also be very stimulating and stimulating. what you want to do is paint and not think critically about it. All of these things help challenge your inner artist to the right path and encourage you to take leaps of faith.
Having a hobby, taking a few minutes off our tech addictions can be invigorating. Let's paint? 👨‍🎨 🎨 👩‍🎨

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