How to start your diamond painting

How to start your diamond painting

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We love new challenges, especially when those challenges help us to improve the quality of life, reduce stress and relax everyday tensions.

For this reason, we brought Diamond Paintings to the World Paint by Numbers family.
Diamond Painting is the name of a mosaic art form in which the artist creates a painting by sticking small resins that sparkle like diamonds on a canvas that has corresponding numbers printed by all the colors of the diamonds. All the painter has to do is take a diamond and stick it onto the canvas.
Below, we will learn step by step how to start a piece of art with diamonds.
💎 1.
Remove all of the items from the package. Your diamond painting kit will include a canvas, diamond applicator (pen), wax and tray.


💎 2.
We advise you to choose a firm and clean surface to open your canvas.
Upon opening your canvas, you will notice that printed directly on the canvas is a chart with your diamonds that are labeled with a number that corresponds to a symbol.

You will need to match the corresponding color of the diamonds to the symbols and place them on the canvas accordingly.
💎 3.
Pour a small amount of diamonds into the tray. If you hold it at a small angle and gently rock it back and forth, the diamonds will settle with the right side up, so that they are facing the correct way to pick them up with the applicator.
Expert tip: Choose a single color diamond to get started.

💎 4.
Remove a small section of the plastic wrap to work. It is better and easier to work on one small section at a time.

Expert tip: Keep the screen covered when you’re not working on it.

💎 5.
You will notice a pink square that comes with the kit, that square is the wax. Remove the clear plastic from the wax and dip the tip of the applicator to fill it with wax.

You will see that it will be much easier to get the diamonds, as they will easily stick to the tip of the applicator. After picking it up, carefully press the diamond on its corresponding symbol on the canvas.
Expert tip: Always remember to add a little bit more wax if the pen seems like it doesn't pick up the diamonds anymore.
💎 6.
Repeat the process until you are done!

Diamond painting available at the following link: 
Colorful Furry Cat- World Diamond Painting™ 5D DIY
Let's paint? If there is still any doubt, do not hesitate to send us an email, we are ready to help you start a new hobby! 

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