How to make painting by numbers look even better

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With enough practice and experience, anyone can learn to paint with paint kits by numbers it can be even easier to get started they are perfect for any artist. They help you learn how to use different brushes and how to control paint. They also increase your confidence in painting every step of the way.

But, in this post we will give you some tips on how to make your painting look even better!

These tips will take your painting projects by numbers to a whole new level!
🖌️ Check the color!

It may seem like a silly tip, but it is one of the most important parts of a painting project by numbers. Even the experienced can make this simple mistake like that.

When you've been working on a painting for hours, it's easy to get into a calm trance, so be sure to check three times that you're using the color you want.

If you happen to put the wrong color, see this post on our blog how to fix paint by numbers mistakes 
🖌️ Extra layers of paint
Even when you're not trying to cover up accidents, you should apply several layers of paint to each section. These extra layers give a polished appearance to the entire painting.

The first layer you paint is more to block the area and establish the base layer. The following layers help to fill the color and smooth the streaked areas, so that the section is flat. It also covers the small numbers on the canvas so that you don't see them in the final painting.

Often, two layers are all you need, but don't be afraid to add as many layers as you want until you get the consistency you like.

Extra paints available at the following link:
Extra Acrylic Paint (Only Paint) - World Paint by Numbers™ Accessories
🖌️ Use white pencil
Although extra layers of ink cover most of the numbers printed on the screen, sometimes lighter inks can sometimes be tricky. At certain angles or lighting, you will still see a ghost of that number through lighter colors that can distract your eyes.

Our tip is, before starting to work on a specific section, use a white colored pencil to cover the number but be aware, don't press too hard so as not to dent the surface of the canvas. One or two layers of gentle pressure is sufficient to smooth the dark print.
🖌️  Buy a Solid Structure
An easy way to make your paintings more professional is to buy frames that keep the canvas well stretched so that there is no warping on the surface as you apply the paint. Without a frame, canvas sheets tend to wrinkle and warp, making it look messy, even if the painting is beautiful.

If you have multiple paintings without frames, a good way to display them is to put them in real frames. This gives them an elegant edge and flattens any of the wrinkled edges so no one can see them.
Wooden Frame for Paint By Numbers - World Paint by Numbers™ Accessories
🖌️  Water in your favor
Acrylic paint is soluble in water, which means that you can dilute it with water for interesting effects. Water makes acrylics appear more transparent, making them great for adding subtle color changes.

It is good to test the color on a piece of paper before painting on the canvas. Sometimes the color will be too dark or too thin and you want to see how it looks before you commit to it.

Be careful how much water you mix in the paint. Excess water breaks the acrylic paint binder, so test it first in small batches!

🖌️ Drying time

If you are having problems with smudged inks that spoil the perfect look of your project, add another 10 minutes to the drying time. Even if the paint looks dry, it’s best to wait a little longer to be safe. Try not to touch too much while it is drying so as not to let the wet ink fall on your finger.

Pro tip, you can use a hairdryer in the coldest setting to speed up drying time if you're dying to continue painting.

🖌️ Seal the paint
Once you've finished painting, it's a good idea to apply a sealant to the entire piece. A sealant protects the paint from damage and also gives it a luxurious finish.

Depending on the sealant you choose, your painting will have a matte, shiny or satin finish.

All of this looks great in the final result, so it all depends on personal preference. Painting several layers of this on your finished project will make it look like it was done by a professional.
From wings to your creativity make your own painting by numbers look the way you want. Turn your own painting by numbers into something unique, changing colors or adding extra details, have fun with it!

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