How to hang a canvas: your step-by-step guide

How to hang a canvas: your step-by-step guide

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It arrived and after you finish your painting by numbers, your canvas looks great and naturally, you will want to put it on the wall.
So, you should ask yourself "how should I do this"?
We will show you the steps on the best way to hang a screen and get the job done skillfully.
Before we follow the step by step to hang your painting on the wall, we advise you to see how to frame your painting by numbers.
Materials needed to perform the task:
- 2x small nails
- 1x Hammer
- 1x Pencil
- 1x bubble level
Step 1: Mark the wall
Use a pencil and make two "X" where you want to place the screen on the wall. Remember that the top of the screen will be just above the pencil mark.

Step 2: Use the spirit level to confirm that the two marks are level.
Tip: Some cell phones you find the digital spirit level.

Step 3: Hammering the nail into the wall at the marked location
Tip: Hammering the nail at a small angle will ensure that the wall supports most of the weight.

Step 4: Hang your screen
Take a step back. That's right? Make adjustments. And check it again with a spirit level if in doubt.

Would you like to paint this image? Click here!
All ready! Now just enjoy your new decor.

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