How to Fix Paint By Numbers Mistakes

How to Fix Paint By Numbers Mistakes

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After a busy day, there is nothing better to relax than to hone your artistic skills. For this, many people are adhering to painting by numbers as a way to add color to a monochromatic day. But, what if you make a mistake in your painting?

Let's find out how to correct paint errors.
✔️ The most common errors and situations
Although this hobby has a low risk of making mistakes, doing it with divided attention can result in some hiccups.

We listened to some painters to find out how we can fix it if something goes wrong.
Before we know how to correct errors let's talk about the errors that usually occur when painting by numbers.
The most common mistake is to paint an area with the wrong color. In fact, it makes sense to be so common.

This can happen easily if you are a little distracted while practicing painting by numbers. In addition, it may happen that some people use a lot of paint when painting each section of the canvas, which causes excessive saturation, which causes stains. If you have a very critical eye, it may be something you will have a hard time dealing with!

Another problem that many people fear is problematic, which is spilling ink on the screen. It can be caused only by a momentary distraction or it can be caused by being performing more than one task at the same time.

Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent these scenarios from happening.
✔️  How to avoid potential mistakes?
The first thing we advise you before starting your painting by numbers is to choose the location well, clean the workplace and keep all distractions away. Enjoy this as a self-care.

To avoid irritating situations, cover your table or counter with old newspapers or any other protective surface. This should keep you from worrying about stains and splashes and help you focus more on your art.

Another very useful tip is to make the canvas stretched on the surface, there is less chance of creasing while you paint. This will help prevent the formation of stains and excessively moist colors.
✔️  Now that some mistakes are minimized, the fun can begin!
Some people have a natural ability to organize their workflow, others don't and it's okay. These usually end up neglecting their works of art because they look like they won't be able to finish.

If discouragement arrives, we suggest that you follow some simple rules to prevent this from happening.

First, it may be best to start from the top so that you will avoid staining your painting as you go along and help you observe your art as it unfolds.

Right-handed people should start from the upper left corner, while left-handed people start from the upper right corner.

Second, an important tip is to start painting the background first. It usually takes up more screen space, so you'll be motivated to see your art being born.

Not to mention that finishing the background color first will contrast with a clear outline of the rest of the painting. Therefore, it should encourage you to continue and make your job a lot easier.
✔️  What to do if you fill in a number with the wrong color?
Calm down, there's no reason to panic. This mistake is more common than we imagine, even the most experienced painters tend to make this mistake. They all have a simple technique to solve this problem.
First, wait until the paint dries completely, once the paint is dry, apply a coat of the correct color over the spot.
If this thin layer allows you to see the color below, you can try to apply more layers. Remember the paint must be very dry before repeating the process.
✔️  How to avoid smudges on my canvas?
The main reason why stains exist is when the screen does not fully absorb the ink. Using a large amount of ink on a section of the screen is the big problem here.

This causes damp spots on the surface, which you can easily stain with your hand or arm. Of course, nobody wants that, especially if you've worked on a piece for hours.

Do not overdo it, it is the best way to avoid this disorder, apply your colors with quick brush strokes after making sure that the brush is not overloaded with a drop of paint.
✔️  What if two colors mix together?
Some painters may encounter the problem of two or more colors mixing. This can happen if you are not careful enough.

The two most common scenarios for this to occur are:

The first is when you paint two sections close together without waiting for the paint to dry completely. Since the two colors are still moist, they will mix quickly and seep into both sections.

The second scenario is when you are using a brush that has not been washed properly. This means that there are strokes of another color, which can mix with the one you are painting and give you a third shade.

Always clean brushes between colors to avoid this problem.

However, sometimes this may not be easy if the brush is clogged with paint. If that's your problem, pick up your clogged brush and dip it in a bottle of nail polish thinner. Even if the paint is dry on the brush, the solvent will dilute the paint and your brush will be usable again.
✔️  Is adding water to the ink right?
Diluting your paint with water is not only good, it's a great way to add more viscosity to your paint. The colors used to paint by numbers are acrylic, if they have a thick texture we advise to dilute in a small amount of water to facilitate your painting.

Add water in the form of drops and don't spill right, start by adding a drop or two of water before testing your paint. After that, use the brush to mix the water into the paint until you get a consistent texture.

Then, dip the brush and hold it before your eyes to see how the paint drips from the brush.

If it takes too long to leave the hair on the brush, you can add more water to the paint. If it falls too fast it means your ink is full of water.
✔️  The final and most important tip
After reading all this advice and staying, you can rest assured if you make a mistake in your tag by numbers. This means that almost any mistake you may be making can have a solution.

But, the final advice that may be the most important for you is still missing.

Have fun, before you worry about making mistakes or correcting them! To create amazing art all you have to do is put your heart and soul into it and stop stressing.

After all, if it is a problem it will have a solution.

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